Improving academic outcomes and reducing cost for families and government

Providing Education Innovations Now and into the Future

ANSEP students can go from finishing eighth grade to a Bachelor’s degree in five years with Acceleration Academy!

This saves the state $39,000 for each student. So, at scale, 100 students saves the state $3.9 million and 1,000 saves the state $39 million. Families save at least $75,000 for each student in college costs. Also, the state’s chronic remediation problem is eliminated and the social cost of failure is reduced.  ANSEP is working to make ANSEP education opportunities available for every student in Alaska.

We offer programs from kindergarten through graduate, summer and school year, and in state-wide locations.

Alaska students share their secrets to distance learning success

How do you get students engaged when you can’t get them together in person? How do you stay on top of schoolwork when your schedule has been turned upside-down? What can you do to build community in a classroom that only exists online? This year’s pivot to remote learning has raised these questions and more for students, teachers and families across Alaska. Read More…

Meet the Alaska students who are earning bachelor’s degrees – as teenagers

Not even old enough to see an R-rated movie, last spring Debra Lane-Hayes graduated from high school with more than two years of college credits already on her transcript, at no cost to her family. She’s currently on track to graduate from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences when she’s 18 — the age when most students are earning their high school diplomas. Read More…