Improving academic outcomes and reducing cost for families and government

Providing Education Innovations Now and into the Future

ANSEP students can go from finishing eighth grade to a Bachelor’s degree in five years with Acceleration Academy!

This saves the state $39,000 for each student. So, at scale, 100 students saves the state $3.9 million and 1,000 saves the state $39 million. Families save at least $75,000 for each student in college costs. Also, the state’s chronic remediation problem is eliminated and the social cost of failure is reduced.  ANSEP is working to make ANSEP education opportunities available for every student in Alaska.

Now Available!

Residential Acceleration Academy and Kotzebue.

The new Residential Acceleration Academy allows any high school student in Alaska to live on the Anchorage UAA campus during the academic year and complete 3 years of college credits at no cost to the student and their family.

We offer programs from kindergarten through graduate, summer and school year, and in state-wide locations.

New Residential and Kotzebue Acceleration Academies are now available

New Acceleration opportunities are now open in Kotzebue and residentially in Anchorage! Students who participate can go from eighth grade to a BS degree in five years and earn high school and college credit. Students from anywhere in the state are able to participate this upcoming semester. Learn more and apply here.

Across Alaska and the U.S., 21 ANSEP students prepare for college and careers with paid internships

This summer 21 of Alaska’s best and brightest are participating in the ANSEP’s Summer Bridge opportunity, which develops recent high school graduates socially and professionally for college and future STEM careers by placing them in summer internships with ANSEP strategic partners. Over the course of nine weeks, students are participating in paid summer internships in engineering, science or business. Read More…